Conference Theme

The theme for SHREWSMUN V will be: Environmentalism.

We at Shrewsbury feel very strongly about the Environment and strongly believe that collectively we need to do more. Last year, we would have gone plastic free and encouraged all of our delegates to think deeply about their environmental impact; alas, Corona Virus had other ideas. However, my Executive Team and I thought that we needed to continue that legacy of environmentalism at ShrewsMUN during our conference and thus choose the conference theme to be Environmentalism.

For our topics, we wanted to try and find a way in which to relate the environment as much as possible, which can be seen in most of the topics chosen for committees. Chairs and delegates will also be asked not to use single-use plastics despite being on Zoom. Throughout the conference, we would encourage all delegates to try and include the environment in their resolutions and amendments, and our Head of Press will incorporate the most innovative idea into his ShrewsMUN magazine (which will be sent to all chairs, delegates and advisors digitally).