Conference Theme

The conference theme for ShrewsMUN 3 is ‘Cooperation’.


Deputy Secretary General Ebrahim will talk further on this in his opening speech on the Saturday morning. However, in the meantime here is Chad, on why we decided to make cooperation the theme for ShrewsMUN 3:


In March 2018, whilst I was in the process of applying for the position of Secretary General, I came up with my idea for the conference’s theme: cooperation.

In the lead up to ShrewsMUN 2, I was a DSG, and in this role I began to appreciate how much easier everything became with a little bit of teamwork. Getting briefing papers in and edited was far easier with the help of others, whilst mundane tasks such as placing the name tags in badges, or setting out placards required a lot of cooperation from the team to save hours of work. Now, this may seem like quite a leap: taking an aspect of organising a conference, and turning it into the theme for the entire conference. Yet I really don’t think that it is much of a leap at all- after all, the old saying that ‘many hands make light work’ applies on the international level, as well as in school.

In domestic politics, for example,  we can plainly see the need for to cooperate with each other. Just look at Theresa May, and see what happens when you don’t cooperate with others, but instead try to forge your own path, regardless of your colleagues. On the other hand, however, you can look at what happens when we do cooperate, on things like climate change in the UK with emissions down 35% since 2010. The same is true internationally, being the founding spirit of the UN itself,  and therefore our very own MUN. My hope is that at our conference, delegates will hone their skills in this noble art, if they haven’t already. Even so, you can never try too hard- even the most battle-scarred MUN veterans will admit that it is far easier to pass your clause, and make the most of your conference (and perhaps make a few friends along the way)- if you learn how to cooperate.

Secretary General Chad Usher