Executive Team

1st Executive Meeting

Secretary General: Chad Usher

Hi, I’m Chad and in my final year at Shrewsbury, studying History, Philosophy & Theology and Biology with an aim to going to Sandhurst after school. I enjoy beekeeping and CCF where I was head of the army section in L6th. I also coach rowing and enjoy studying the bible. ShrewsMUN 3 will be my 13th and final conference. Last year I was DSG and also chaired in the Security Council on the issue of the Salisbury spy poisoning. I’m looking forward to welcoming all, both new and old faces, to ShrewsMUN which is set to be a great conference.


Deputy Secretary General: Ebrahim Jamshid

Ebrahim is in his final year at Shrewsbury, studying History, Maths and Chemistry with a view to doing PPE at university. Ebrahim fences and enjoys his reading along with house debating. He has chaired at ShrewsMUN twice now, last year being in DISEC. This year he is DSG liasing with advisors from other schools. He is excited to see you all at ShrewsMUN 3!


Deputy Secretary General: Koby Ferdinand-Okpala

Koby has been participating in MUN since he arrived at school. This year he is Deputy Head of School and is competing in various national fencing tournaments. Koby studies English, Biology, Chemistry and Economics with an aim of studying law at uni. Last year he chaired the rather lively Human Rights Committee. His role  for 2019 is managing the internal positions and choosing topics for debate.


Deputy Secretary General: Nicholas Yale

Good morrow, I is Nick. I am in the lower sixth at Shrewsbury, studying English, Latin and History. I have been a loyal MUN enthusiast for the past four years, having cut my teeth as a delegate, and then as a chair at previous ShrewsMUN conferences. Outside of MUN I spend my time beagling, and am also a keen piphilologist. I am an active member of the Wessex Regionalist Party and spend my weekends campaigning for a people’s vote on our undemocratic hedge trimming by-laws. I look forward to seeing you all in March and getting to know each and every one of you personally.


President of the Security Council: Grace O’Mara

Hi, I’m Grace. I’ve been doing MUN for 5 years and Security Council has always been my favourite committee. Debate is of a high standard and there’s usually that one delegate who can quote from the UN Charter! With such a small council, you should get plenty of chance to debate, so come prepared. I’m really looking forward to this conference and I hope you are too!


President of the Human Rights Council: Niamh Nugent

Hi, I’m Niamh. I’m really looking forward to the high quality of debate that I’m sure will prevail in the human rights council. Outside of MUN I’m a keen runner and enjoy learning about languages and their cultures. This summer I plan to travel across much of Europe inter railing and subsequently ‘finding myself’.


Head of Press: Alexander Sparkes

Salve, I’m Alexander, and amongst other things, I’ll be your Head of Press at this year’s SHREWSMUN. I spend most of time in town, reading the classics, or arguing debating with people- and also occasionally studying as a sixth former at Shrewsbury School(!) I take Latin, Greek, History and English for A-level, and am hoping to study History at university. Aside from that, I’ve ended up heavily involved in MUN, debating, beagling and CCF. By all means, come and say hello at the conference- I’ll be up and about observing, interviewing, and collecting gossip (or creating some if need be).DSC_0006

Head of Media: Petr Rostokin

Petr is relatively new to MUN with ShrewsMUN going to be his first conference. His photography and videography skills are second to none (you can already see some of his work on the ShrewsMUN youtube account). Petr hopes to study Economics at university once he finishes at Shrewsbury. He currently studies Maths, Economics, Business and History. Petr is a striking figure at 6’6″, which helps with his rowing.