Executive Team

Secretary General- Alexander Sparkes


Salve, I’m Alexander and I like MUN. In fact I love MUN. Without MUN I am nothing. Its all I think about (this is why I look sad in the photo above, as I’m not doing MUN).

Secretary General- Tom Jackson

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Enjoy the conference x

Deputy Secretary General- Johnny Snell

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‘Hi, I’m Jonny, and I will be the Deputy-Secretary General for this year. Having partaken in the gallant pursuit of MUN for the best part of three years I am a naturally pretentious debater and am looking forward to hearing some stimulating debate on a variety of pressing issues this year. As an avid Tennis player and political enthusiast you’ll find me making wildly incorrect predictions for this years French Open whilst expounding some borderline extremist tory views in the middle of committees- I look forward to boring you to death in March. Sincerely, The DSG.’

Deputy Secretary General- Sophia Bureau


Hi I’m Sophia and I was too lazy to write a bio but I sent this photo:

honestly for the bio just say something about how I was new to the school in sixth form and got involved straight away with mun. I like films and sport etc and like a good debate – especially about vegetarianism! Honestly I don’t mind what u say.

Head of Press- Charlie Hancock

Charlie first got involved in MUN a year ago, but in that short time has amassed experience sitting on the Security Council in Paris and chairing an energetic Political Committee at last year’s ShrewsMUN. This year she’s taking the reins of The Salopian Weekender, bringing with her a nose for a story and obsession with ethics. Charlie’s long-term goal is to be a journalist for a major newspaper, and has already had an article published in The Guardian.

When she’s not studying or playing principal horn in the school’s symphony orchestra, Charlie is an active campaigner for causes she feels strongly about. As anybody who’s read her twitter can attest, that covers just about everything.”

President of Security Council- Nick Yale

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My name is Nicholas, and this year I will be taking on the momentous task of  Head of Security Council. I’m in my last year at Shrewsbury – afterwards I hope to take a gap year, find myself in Thailand and then apply to Oxford. I have had a life-long interest in chiromancy and am also a devout member of the Wessex Regionalist Party. Since I started at Shrewsbury, I have been a happy and healthy participant of MUN – I have also been active in a cultural and political campaign to reform our unjust hedge-trimming bylaws in the UK. Feel free to ask me about my hedge-trimming concerns, or about MUN.