Executive Team

Secretary General – Rhys Woodward

It is my esteemed privilege to welcome you to the SHREWSMUN website and hopefully to our conference in February 2021. Given the events that have unfolded in the past 6 months or so, we have decided collectively to host this years SHREWSMUN conference virtually through the wizardry of Zoom. We have been preparing together for the conference since October and hope to make SHREWSMUN V the best yet!

As for myself, I am hoping to read Modern and Medieval Languages at university, and tend to spend my time out on Shrewsbury’s sports pitches or getting stuck into a bit of local politics, alongside the Deputy Secretary General. In this regard, MUN has been a ceaseless source of advice for us when taking care of our constituents here at Shrewsbury School, in that there is always something to be learned from diplomacy.

A past victory with some of the members of the Executive Team. L-R: Joe, Sam, Rhys, Mark and Milton

Deputy Secretary General – Milton Tai

Guten Tag! It is my pleasure to welcome you to SHREWSMUN V as your Deputy Secretary-General this year. I will undoubtedly have big loafers to fill due to the huge success that was the previous conference, but I shall try my best. 

When I am not involved in MUN meetings, you can find me on the fives courts or listening to death metal/ hardcore punk records in my room. As the Libertarian Party MP for Shrewsbury School, I can also be recognised by the copy of The Road to Serfdom that is permanently in my coat pocket. Just something that any respectable man should always carry around, in the delegate’s own opinion. 
I look forward to meeting you all come February. 


Deputy Secretary-General – Sam Evans

It is an honour to welcome you to SHREWSMUN V as one of the Deputy Secretary-Generals this year. Although we will not be able to debate in person, that will not retract from the skill and passion shown in previous years, and will hopefully make this conference the best yet.

Outside of the MUN landscape, I am studying Physics, Maths and Computer Science with the hope of studying engineering at university. Most of my time spent outside the classroom is spent on the sports field whether it be football, cricket or basketball.

I look forward to seeing the many fruitful debates taking place on 7th February.


Head of Press – Joseph Meisner

Ciao! I’m Joseph and I am currently in my final year at Shrewsbury School and I am studying German, History, Philosophy and Maths, with a view to reading philosophy at University. I have done MUN at two different schools, have attended numerous conferences, and I look forward to seeing what all the delegates here at SHREWSMUN have to offer. In my free time I enjoy going to the opera and working for the Tory party.


Head of Press – Edward Bayliss

Greetings fellow MUN and lobbying enthusiasts!

I have been doing MUN for two years now and have found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable activity. For me, MUN has really improved my ability to interact with other people (which is always tricky), as well as helping my skills of persuasion. I have certainly been made more aware of contemporary issues and the general functioning of the UN itself. My involvement in school debating and the critical thinking required of me in my A-Level subjects has had a significant impact on my effectiveness on the MUN stage. I think it’s important to have a certain creative flair when speaking on a resolution, which is why my time in the school creative writing society has allowed me to articulate ideas in a clear but finessed fashion.  


Lenka Hozzova – President of Security Council

Dobrý deň! My name is Lenka and I’m extremely excited to be President of Security Council for SHREWSMUN V. The first time I attended an MUN meeting at school, I was apprehensive. However, I felt very welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I continued to attend MUN which allowed me to build up my public speaking skills. I learnt lots from the experienced delegates such as communication techniques and global issues. My first conference was at Shrewsbury High School for Girls, where I gained a lot of confidence and was awarded the ‘Best Delegate’ award. At these conferences, I have met new people and made new friends as well as developing as a person. Now, in my second year of MUN, I feel comfortable enough to pass on my skills to others through chairing and presenting resolutions. I am also looking forward to helping plan and run our own virtual SHREWSMUN in February.