A provisional timetable for ShrewsMUN is below:

Saturday;  All committees
930 Registration opens When you arrive, please may the senior advisor go to the registration desk to confirm how many delegates have come.

The ambassador, also to come to the registration desk, to collect his/her delegation’s material.

Guest chairs, also, to sign in and receive a chairing guide and other materials.

1000 Opening Ceremony Begins
1050 Opening Ceremony Ends
1100 Committees in Session An advisor meeting will be led by Mr Peach at 1100 in the Quod (advisor room)
1300 Lunch begins
1400 Committees in Session
1515 First break
1530 Committees in Session
1615 Second break
1630 Committees in Session
1730 End of committees
2030 Social begins The social will be staffed by Shrewsbury so that advisors may attend their own social with Mr Peach
2230 Social ends
Sunday SC, ECOSOC, Disarmament, EnviroSci and Special HRC, Human Rights, UNESCO and Political
1015 Committees in Session General Assembly in Allington Hall
1115 Break in Hodgson Hall Break in Hodgson Hall
1145 General Assembly in Allington Hall Committees in Session
1300 Lunch begins Lunch begins
1400 Closing Ceremony Begins Closing Ceremony Begins
1445 Closing Ceremony Ends, Delegates Depart Closing Ceremony Ends, Delegates Depart