At ShrewsMUN 3 we release two topics per committee in advance and then a more current topic in the two weeks leading up to the conference. We hope that this change will allow delegates to prepare in advance but also be challenged near the conference on a very current topic. The third topic does not have a briefing paper as it is a current topic and so features heavily in the news at the moment.

To contact your Head Chair please email and we will forward your email on.

There is no need to email clauses in advance or bring copies on a memory stick as the chairs are more than happy to type. If you still wish to do so you can email clauses to with your committee, topic and delegation in the subject line. Please bring a few paper copies of your clauses to give to the chairs once signed.

Committees and topics at ShrewsMUN 3 are:

Security Council 

  • The question of the Internal Conflict in Nigeria
  • The question of the Syrian Civil War
  • The question of the Yemeni Civil War

Human Rights Council 

  • The question of religious freedoms
  • The issue of the plight of Yemeni civilians
  • The issue of human rights abuses in Venezuela


  • The issue of the threat of data collection to democracy
  • The issue of “fake news”
  • The issue of ‘colonial disputes, in light of the Chagos Island ruling

Human Rights 

  • The issue of capital punishment and the right to life
  • The question of Mandatory Military Service
  • The issue of citizenship, in light of the Shamima Begum case


  • The question of Trade Wars
  • The question of Tax Havens
  • The issue of the economic situation in Venezuela


  • The question of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas
  • The issue regarding lethal autonomous weapons
  • The question of diffusing tensions in Kashmir, in light of the recent military manoeuvres of India and Pakistan


  • The issue of continued reliance on non renewable resources
  • The issue of global access to water
  • The issue of unseasonal weather fluctuations, in light of heatwaves in February

Special – The issue of ethics in science 

In this committee all three topics will be published now.

  • The question of whether ‘robot rights’ are required for sufficiently humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The issue of the morality of gene editing, at what extent does it become eugenics
  • The issue of international and intergenerational responsibility in our corporate response to climate change, ensuring that the repercussions each area faces are just


  • The question of whether education is a viable preventative of radicalisation in refugee camps
  • The question of cultural and historical sites in war zones
  • The issue of the status of Jerusalem, in light of recent recognition by member states of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital City