Security Council

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The Presidents of the Security Council are Grace and Guy.

Guy Cabral is an OS (Old Salopian) of the first order, having been one of the driving forces of Shrewsbury MUN for many years- it is with great pleasure that we welcome him back to chair at our very own conference!

Grace O’Mara is in the Shrewsbury School U6th, having joined the school last year from Man High. She has quickly established herself as a highly effective chair and delegate, with a no-nonsense approach and iron grip, making her ideal as the head chair of Security Council.

The issue of the Syrian Civil War

The question of the internal conflict in Nigeria

The question of the Yemeni Civil War

The SC is a select council of 15 members made up of 5 permanent members and ten members elected for two year terms by the GA depending upon their region. Countries with seats in the SC at ShrewsMUN 3 are:

Belgium Ivory Coast
Bolivia Kuwait
China Peru
Dominican Republic Russian Federation
Equitorial Guinea South Africa
France UK
Germany USA