General Assembly

At ShrewsMUN 3 the General Assembly topics will be released a few days before the conference.

There will be a different topic for each General Assembly. Delegates are split into the two GAs depending on their committee.

  • HRC, Human Rights, UNESCO and Political will be in the first GA.
  • SC, ECOSOC, Disarmament, EnviroSci and Special will be in the second GA.

Delegations will be asked to submit a full resolution for GA on the Saturday morning of the conference. Note that GA is different to committees where they debate clause by clause.

Koby Ferdinand Okpala and Niamh Nugent will preside over the first GA, whilst Grace O’Mara and Ebrahim Jamshid will preside over the second GA.

Chad and Koby will choose the resolutions to be debated, during Saturday and inform the ambassadors, of the delegations chosen, by the end of committees on Saturday.