Press Team

Welcome to the ShrewsMUN Press Team page!

If you’ve managed to navigate your way here, through the treacherous maze known as the SHREWSMUN site, then you truly are one of the blessed, having been let into one of the best kept secrets on the MUN circuit.

Here at the Salopian Weekender, we strive to bring you the best quality MUN news and gossip, drawing upon a healthy school tradition of satire, a world class photocopier, and the questionable journalistic skills of our team.

The Head of Press for ShrewsMUN this year will be Alexander Sparkes, a man of many talents, who, having famously led the campaign to rename the conference “MUNBURY”, and having got his last English essay in on time, is seriously well qualified for what insiders are calling “The big job of the conference”.

Having pipped Chad to the top job (his consolation prize being SG), Sparkes will now proceed to tackle the job with his renown sense of wit, charisma, and integrity (all brown envelopes in the LEFT HAND basket, please) .

He will be assisted in his endeavour by none other than our very own DSG, Nicholas Yale, who has recently graduated from Chief Pencil Sharpener to Right Honourable Ink Cartridge Replacer. Sparkes will be relying on him to do all of the important jobs, such as mixing the drinks, ensuring an adequate supply of papers, and carrying supplies.

Please do feel free to visit the Press Office at any time with any news, gossip, or even just for a chat.

We look forwards to seeing you soon,


Love from the Press Team,




A copy of the Salopian Weekender (our newsletter) from ShrewsMUN 2 is below.