Security Council

The Security Council of SHREWSMUN V will be chaired by Lenka Hozzova and Thomas Jackson.

The topics for the Security Council shall consist of:

The question of foreign interference in elections.

Key questions to think about:

How can states enable their democratic processes to be more transparent?

Is it the job of the United Nations to regulate democratic elections for the West?

The question of deforestation in South America.

Key questions to think about:

How can the United Nations regulate deforestation within South America in balancing the itnerests of the world and the sovereignty of the nations involved?

How can the United Nations tackle the heart of deforestation in South America? For example, consider the economic incentives provided to governments by private companies, and the different methods of deforestation.

The committee will be formed of:

The P5, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Spain, Canada, Nigeria, Venezuela, South Africa, Iran, Peru, Brazil and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

If you would like to submit any resolutions, please email: